How Emotional Distress Causes Digestive Complications

Doing research for my next blog, I found an amazing web page. It is truly worth reading this. In fact I feel it can be life saving.

I found exactly what I was looking for. The fact that emotional stress can affect the digestive system to the point of intolerance to wheat, gluten and dairy. When the emotional stress or other stresses have gone to that point, there is no choice but to eat gluten and dairy free. In fact for some people it is a starch free lifestyle. I can attest to that. My diet consists of protein and vegetables with minimal fruit.

To help others who are also in the situation of not knowing what to eat, I compiled a book called “Gluten and Dairy Free Meal Ideas”. I remember how difficult it was to eat well knowing that I seriously had to stay away from gluten and dairy, in fact all legumes as well.

I recall how angry I was when I was presented with yet another script for tablets for irritable bowel syndrome. I wanted to know what caused the ailment and what could be done about it. I have been eating gluten and dairy free for seventeen years now, thanks to my sister. It is such a relief and a true comfort to understand the real issue behind the physical illness.

Extreme shock from a severe motor car accident was the possible reason for the Celiac Disease. The post traumatic stress resulting from that is in my mind another reason for the food intolerance. How many of us are free from accidents and shocks stemming from all situations in life. How many of us are aware of the damage to our digestive systems.

All we look for is relief from the uncomfortable symptoms, often resorting to anti acids, and other medication. However, by not paying attention to the symptoms and looking for the cause, we may find ourselves with serious health issues. My heart goes out to anyone struggling with ill health. It robs a person of a full life with family, even a good job. Even more serious than that, it robs people of their lives.

Looking back on things, all I feel is gratitude to my sister for the article on Celiac Disease, and the perseverance to continue looking for answers. It is my hope that these articles will be of help to all who are looking for a reason and a solution to ailments plaguing them.



Therapies For Emotional Healing

I work in a health store and a regular customer came in last week, saying she is really battling to sort out a bladder infection. We suggested some more natural herbs to help her, but she said she has tried just about everything. Then she said that somebody suggested she sees a physiologist, as the ailment possibly stems from an emotional issue.

That opened the door for me to ask her if that could be the problem. She then said that she often thinks about what could have been and should have been. Seeing a professional person to overcome those feelings would be good,  as she would then probably be able to heal the bladder infection, provided she follows the advice of the nutritionist.

This is what I have been thinking about for so long. We spend so much money, time and effort to find a cure for our physical ailments, not realizing that we need to look at our emotional state of mind. Perhaps it is a conscious state of mind and emotions. Imagine someone sitting down to a really healthy meal, but while eating it, this person is thinking how angry they are with so an so because of what the other person did.

Unknown or perhaps not unknown to them,  harmful chemicals are pouring into their bloodstream which will affect the digestion of  the healthy food. So it would be more beneficial to sort the issue with the offending person, and then eat the healthy meal. For others it may  be a sub-conscious state of mind of  harboring  resentment or anger, but  this will also affect the person’s health. You may ask; so what do I do now.

We visit a health care professional for a check up, and he says we have nothing to worry about. Everything is fine. Physically that might be so. However, how many of us think about seeing someone to just speak about our hurt and emotional pain? If we fall and break an arm, we have it seen to, but when we fall emotionally we try to fix it ourselves. Whether we are conscious or not of our emotional state of mind, there are therapies to help us establish what our true emotional state is. Two therapies that are beneficial are Kinesiology and Scio.

This brings me to something my brother said when we were talking about matters concerning us. He stopped halfway through saying what was on his mind, and I  said he should rather say it. He then said ” yes we should let our hearts spill”. That made such an impact on me. We just have to find someone we can truly trust with our deepest feelings to help us heal.