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What To Do With The Knowledge

I will use the circumstance around my dad whom the poem “A Man of Few Words” was about. He never consciously realized that he had abandonment issues. However, if that medical report was done in his early teens, or at least before he got married, perhaps he may have made different decisions.

If he had the opportunity to receive therapy for this emotion and took it, how would his life have turned out. My knowledge of my dad and his decisions, makes me realize that he could have had a happier life, if he was consciously aware of the impact of his experience when he was five years old.

Awareness is one thing. Taking action is another. Perhaps the lack of funds is one reason we put off receiving therapy. However, then it is our responsibility to seek government or sponsored organizations, or ones where a donation is all that is required. The point is to take the first step to heal the emotion once it has become apparent.

There may be a scenario where we might not like what we hear. Say for instance a Kinesiology session brings to the fore feelings of hatred towards an ex-partner. Would the response be “No I don’t”. Being honest with ourselves is also a key to healing. The brain is more complicated and so in tune with whom we are. We can deny emotions all we want, but the effect of the hatred will still be manifested. We may think that we put it behind us, but has our brain.

No, it has filed it away until we hear a song, or smell a certain flower, and it all comes flooding back. Consider this quote from Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine:

“From the brain, and

from the brain only,

arise our pleasures, joys,

laughter, and jests, as

well as  our sorrows,

pains, griefs, and tears.”

So whether it is conscious or subconscious, our brain has perceived all our emotions.  Whether our emotions are positive or negative, there will be a definite effect on our physical well-being. So if we want to be physically healthy, negative emotional issues need to be addressed.


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