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Emotional Well Being A Must For Good Health

Do you know someone who followed a good diet, exercised and hardly drank or smoked? Yet this person died at a young age. I am sure we all know of someone like that. Perhaps even someone in our own family. Then there is a person who eats what they like, drinks quite a bit and smokes a pack a day. Yet this person lives to a good old age of maybe even 90. What is their secret?

The emotional well being of the latter person is not in question. There is no bitterness, resentment, and not too much worry. Life is enjoyed. That is not to say that people like that do not have any issues, but these issues have been dealt with, or the person does not harp or dwell in the past.

The point is that we all need to eat well and live responsibly to be healthy. However, if there are unresolved issues lurking in our lives, we might as well eat junk. The chemicals released from negative thoughts, whether conscious or unconscious will damage our health anyway.

One way to release adrenaline or cortisol is to cry. It also relieves stress. I am not suggesting that we walk around crying all the time, but people have to have a way of releasing their emotions if they want to be healthy and happy.

The purpose of the poetry is to inspire people to action in their own lives, but also to make them cry. So the poems are sad and tear jerking, but also thought provoking. They are all based on fact and I have met most of the people the poems are about. It is my sincere wish that the poetry will inspire readers to take action for whatever reason there may be for their grief, depression, anger or even hatred.

The person who will benefit the most from a true forgiving spirit is you. How that goal is reached is up to each one of us. A letter to the person who offended. A book about one’s life or poetry or even seeing a therapist. But emotions have to be dealt with. So when we are on the road to emotional recovery, it will be easier to stick to an eating plan and a healthy lifestyle.

Often we start with good intentions of losing weight, improving skin, or whatever the problem may be, only to have those intentions fade. So by dealing with unresolved emotional issues, we can get on with a healthy lifestyle and be truly happy.



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